More about LDM

More about Lymphatic Drainage Massage or LDM.

I continue to have great success with this work.
This work can produce truly amazing results.

I think of the lymphatic system as a plumbing system in the body. Because of various reasons this system can get sluggish or compromised  and needs some assistance to improve the flow as best as possible . Receiving lymphatic drainage massage helps accomplish this.

Lymphatic work with the face can be deeply relaxing.
Most people with sinusitis get relief. Your skin and face will feel so very soft and you will look great.

I especially recommend receiving this work before a wedding, reunion or another special occasion.

I have one client whose sinuses clog up on occasion . While I am working with her, she can feel the sinus's draining .

I have worked with a woman that had hip replacement surgery. She had a lot of discomfort around that area for years after. When I first worked with her, her upper thigh on that leg felt more like a football. After just one session she felt significant improvement in comfort. Increasing circulation with the lymphatic system was the key.

I have worked with more than one person suffering from leg cramps.
The combination of Massage ,Lymphatic & Reflexology work & the cramps stopped.

A number of  people sit way too many hours at their desks and just don't move around enough. As a result the lower legs can get  full, stiff  & very uncomfortable. Lymphatic work will address this and improve comfort.

I have a number of clients that travel often. Receiving  LDM can boost the immune system before the trip and help the body deal with many of the issues involved with traveling: stress, sitting on a flight for hours, jet lag, edema in the legs....
Also this work can help one recover from travel that much sooner.

Before surgery LDM will  relax the body, boost the immune system, improve circulation and  have the body in a better place  before hand.
Likewise  after surgery it can help move the anesthesia through the body faster, help reduce edema, scar tissue and just help you get back on track sooner.

People that have  jobs or hobbies with extensive use with the hands/fingers, stiffness quite often occurs. Sometimes even numbness and tingling. While massage can help with this, LDM can make even more of a difference. The arms & fingers will feel much lighter and easier to move after a session.
This can also apply with the limbs when circulation has been compromised because of other reasons.