MASSAGE THERAPY can improve your comfort level, relieving stiffness and soreness of muscle tissue, shorten recovery time from injuries, reduce scar tissue adhesions, improve range of motion and help ease you through life’s experiences.
Each session is geared toward what will best serve you, the client, integrating numerous rebalancing therapies including: Swedish, Deep Tissue, Acustretch, Applied Kinesiology, Aromatherapy, Healing Touch, Lymphatic Drainage, Positional Release, Reflexology and Sports Massage.

LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE  (LDM) is a gentle rhythmic style of massage which increases fluid circulation and stimulates the functioning of the immune system.
LDM can prove beneficial in the correction of numerous conditions as well as a useful tool in preventative health maintenance. This work can promote deep relaxation, lessen stress, anxiety, and lower blood pressure. It may relieve sinusitis and fatigue, mild depression, and chronic soft-tissue pain. Frequent colds and allergies are an indication for LDM.
People suffering from fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome can have a reduction in symptoms. Increased energy levels have been reported. Edema (swelling) or Lymphedema due to infection, injury, surgery, chemotherapy, or irradiation can be greatly reduced   from this work. Before surgery, LDM helps decrease pre-surgical anxiety, moves fluids, increasing blood flow, which brings nutrition to the tissues.
Scar tissue can compromise lymph flow. Massaging as soon as allowable after an
injury or surgery actually helps reduce inflammation and speeds healing. LDM helps with regeneration of tissue, including burns, scars, wrinkles and stretch marks. It helps scars to develop smaller, smoother, more flexible and stronger.
Even when many years have elapsed after an injury, and the accompanying edema has become chronic, the edema responds to a combination of connective tissue massage and LDM.
These techniques can address the entire body including the fascia, organs, joints,  intra oral and nasal passages.
( please see testimonials for specific  issues clients have presented to me & results I have experienced with this work.)

REFLEXOLOGY is massage and manipulation of the feet and/or hands. It also stimulates energy zones that run throughout the body and reflex areas that correspond to all major organs, glands and body parts. This not only makes your feet, hands and entire body feel great, but can also alleviate discomfort resulting from imbalances, injuries and compensations from the feet.
After an injury,  working with the feet and hands when other areas of the body are not yet ready to receive massage, can be a valuable tool in speeding recovery.

ONCOLOGY MASSAGE Oncology patients never need to be denied compassionate, nurturing touch. By adapting techniques, modifying pressure, or switching modalities, patients can receive bodywork appropriate to their medical condition. Research has shown that a variety of touch therapies greatly benefits cancer patients, both physically and emotionally. It positively affects symptoms related to cancer or side effects from treatment regimens, such as nausea, fatigue, insomnia, edema and pain. Patients report an increased sense of well being with reduction in anxiety and the sense of isolation, as well as increased relaxation and decreased muscle tension.
The caregivers can also benefit from massage through this time, as a momentary respite from the anxiety and soften a body that has become exhausted.

PRENATAL MASSAGE can help one through the different stages of pregnancy, including postpartum. To alleviate many of the normal discomforts, bodywork will increase muscle tone and flexibility, will help reduce swelling/ edema, alleviate leg cramps, muscle spasms, sciatica, low back & abdominal pain. It helps keep the blood pressure in check, easing the load on the heart. Improving flow of the lymphatic and circulatory systems increases energy and may assist in the prevention of anemia.   Endorphins will be released which soothe and relax the nervous system enhancing sleep, relieving depression and anxiety. It can also help stabilize hormone levels.

I will often recommend & demonstrate yoga poses that can assist in improving your comfort.